Hustle4Info: The Average New York Lifestyle

What's called the real New York lifestyle is more like the average New York lifestyle, because Real is what gangstas call their lives. A "Real" New Yorker What NOT to do in NEW YORK CITY i'M Leaving NYC forever.. Day in the life at High School in NYC

HUSTLE4INFO: Drugs & Businesses

A view of drugs, its money and the effect these have on local businesses. War on drugs hits homes, businesses around Tucson Why Drug Profits Stay In The United States Mexico drug trade hits local economy Cocaine's unexpected economic impact - BBC News Teen Drug Dealer Makes $20k A Month…Read more HUSTLE4INFO: Drugs & Businesses

Youth Violence — HUSTLE4INFO

Youth violence is a public health epidemic where youths are filling their heads with violent fantasies says the Center for Disease Control. What has been done successfully to address and cure it. What is Youth Violence? Jeffrey Brown: How we cut youth violence in Boston by 79 percent Trading Guns For Footballs: Breaking…Read more Youth Violence — HUSTLE4INFO

USA Shield Act to Protect Consumers – Hustle4Info

The Shield Act sets minimum standards to protect consumers and ensure companies have clear guidelines to maintain security and safety standards with internet technology. Official web-page is here. What Are Your Rights? New York recently passed the Shield Act Shield Act Bill Heads To SenateĀ Gingrich endorses SHIELD Act, praises Gaffney's raising alarm…Read more USA Shield Act to Protect Consumers – Hustle4Info


Zombie movies have taken on a national significance as America focuses on bio-defense. The Omega Man Trailer How Should We Look at Biodefense? - Extended I Am Legend (2007) - Official Movie Trailer PhD in Biodefense: Student Experience Zombieland Official Trailer #1 Biodefense Tools to Fight Infectious Diseases Depend on…Read more BIO DEFENSE – HUSTLE 4 INFO

US Healthcare Problem Is Fixed – TheCultureProof

Ought every American be covered by a healthcare plan? Is Universal Healthcare the correct end of that means? Yes and no, with a definitive solution. Universal healthcare means a human-right not necessarily a one-payer system. That debate has to do with efficiencies while there are healthcare deserts in America where regions and counties lack…Read more US Healthcare Problem Is Fixed – TheCultureProof