Beware of Copy Trading

There is a new but not new method of trading stocks, options and so on that is on the rise marketed to "Gen Z and Gen Y". It is called Copy Trading, where social users mimic the transactions of another stock trader (presumably a successful one) with their own real dollars. This sub-culture of popularized…Read more Beware of Copy Trading


The government's pursuit for free markets is blindsided (not merely by the providers of technology) but by the consumers of them, that would be powerful advertising interests. 9 Brands Sued for False Advertising Colorado attorney general on suing Google for antitrust Apple vs Facebook: The Privacy Battle

The Rise of Gangs, Again.

Gangs are on the rise again because of immigration, legal and illegal. Specifically, the creation of gangs in immigrant communities especially those that adhere to extremist Sharia Law or are illegally in the country like MS:13. This is causing a fraying of the sense of public safety. Denmark police say Islamic extremists recruiting gang members…Read more The Rise of Gangs, Again.

Trump on Big Soft-Consumer ‘Tech’

Big soft-consumer 'tech' is facing bi-partisan scrutiny during the time period of the Trump Administration. Would they be shielded by a Biden Administration? It depends on the general public's concern for their privacy in cyberspace. Facebook identifies as a publisher, not a free speech platform! Which soft-consumer-tech is free-speech and which is a publisher?! I…Read more Trump on Big Soft-Consumer ‘Tech’

Nazi’s Master Race: Hitler & The Lay Jew

Hitler's anti-Semitism took root in the dissonance that Jews are as lay as Whites; not pious as we assume. I say it's their drama, don't involve us. We'd be bad to them all; it's just low-class crime. Investigating the Holocaust Part 1: Mein Kampf - Hitler’s Nazi Philosophy Third Reich Nuremberg Laws…Read more Nazi’s Master Race: Hitler & The Lay Jew