Who's rich? No one, not even corporations. Having lots of cash at your disposal isn't good for corporations nor is it a smart way to get secure. Here is a series of short videos that give the correct philosophy about getting richer, not rich overnight.┬áThe safest bet is to invest in the American economy. If…Read more HUSTLE4INFO | PERSONAL FINANCE



Which debater do you agree with when it comes to erecting a border wall along the Southern US border? And why? Inside that issue is the instability in South American countries that form the Northern Triangle: a conflation of corruption, poverty and lack of security. The video footage are intimidating, "Border Patrol Releases New Stats…Read more HUSTLE4INFO | US SOUTHERN BORDER

HUSTLE4INFO| What’s Wrong With Medicare-Medicaid

What's wrong with Medicare-Medicaid? After watching these informative videos on the topic I am of the mind that those who qualify ought to be on it for it to break even, perhaps? Like a healthcare draft that needs maximum participation to break even. Some states want to expand Medicaid (under the 'Obamacare' Affordable Health Act),…Read more HUSTLE4INFO| What’s Wrong With Medicare-Medicaid

HUSTLE4INFO| The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program

The Trade Adjustment Assistance program is older than you. Here it is in 1976, so America's going through this permanently. Expect it to be more successful than a failure because it is now 2019. So here is a successful story of a person who made it. How hard is it to go back…Read more HUSTLE4INFO| The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program


What happened to Otto Warmbier in a North Korean prison. Reports from a former prison guard paint a precarious and unsanitary environment that could easily lead to Otto Warmbier mysterious death, after being sentenced to hard labor for a poster theft while a part of a guided student tour.


Did 'Russia' want Donald Trump to win the election? More precisely certainly they hoped he would win for his platform of building ties between the two countries. Did their government directly manipulate the American public's view? That connection is not certain. The US government has charged 13 Russians with such a charge who are private…Read more HUSTLE 4 INFO| US ELECTION RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION