Internet and The Chinese Firewall

Censoring the internet in China prevents certain ideas from being published in any form. In practice most Chinese internet users visit domestic websites and any censoring of content is a bigger policy blocking that idea, such as academic information that does not directly affect most daily users. There is also pro-government supporters who will…Read more Internet and The Chinese Firewall


Was the government of Russia behind the 'infowar' staged during the US Election? Despite suspicions, only charges against private individuals and companies in Russia have been leveled, and not against the government of Russia. How the 'infowar' and hacking began... As a result of the incident US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on those…Read more US ELECTION RUSSIAN HACKERS

Fraud On The Community

Big corporate fraud to "street" scams targeting individuals. "People‚Äôs experience with scams, and the tips to help all of us avoid scams and protect those we care about." There are more groups monitoring bad corporate governance quality in soft law and hard law in the global economy. A recent case of major corporate…Read more Fraud On The Community

Illegal Immigration USA

Illegal immigration, like legal immigration, is happening due to violence and disaster in their home country. Those with family members in the USA are allowed to cross and those without are turned back should they show up at the border unexpectedly. It is "hidden" refugee crisis and people flee because they have been threatened…Read more Illegal Immigration USA

USA Healthcare: Out of Network and In Network Arrangements

In-network arrangements is as if the doctors were accepting Groupon (a group coupon) --- will the lower reimbursement they receive be offset by more patients and when is the point of diminishing returns (when too many patients makes it not worth it as well). The difference between health care plans, and this impacts the…Read more USA Healthcare: Out of Network and In Network Arrangements