Hustle4Info| Real Credit Score Stories & Advice

Ya-ya Mark Cuban and Jay Leno has sworn off credit cards sorta watching their weight. So they don't have a Credit Score? That ain't so! Credit is like technology to the Amish (they have some). Here are real stories, thank you to the honest and courageous people who shared their life experience, around building up…Read more Hustle4Info| Real Credit Score Stories & Advice

Civil War in Yemen

There is a civil war in Yemen where American troops are sent to fight Al Qaeda. It is a conflict between the Houthi ethnic group that occupy a northern region of Yemen and they want autonomy from the federal government (Wikipedia). Houthi activists accuse the government bureaucracy lack the proper expertise. The…Read more Civil War in Yemen

Veteran Psyche

Veterans and those who side with them speak on the spiritual and medical journey back to normalcy after war duty.¬†Apocalypse Now (1979) is not anti-war, its for a cleaner war for our veterans that is a healthy military career. Compared to early medicine contemporary medical support is better  

(Success Out Of Poverty) Asian, Hispanic, Black & White by

These are stories, advice and corporations committed to success out of poverty thoughtful inclusiveness under one nation. White Black Hispanic Asian Financial literacy and service for everyone without discrimination.

The ‘Great Depression’ of 2019?

What are investor-savers doing with their individual wealth? They are moving their money into safer 'fixed income' products like bonds and sable dividend paying stocks. It would be remiss not to note recent high-profile scandals that have rocked big finance, shaken investor-saver confidence for their wealth on top of slowing consumer demand for fast…Read more The ‘Great Depression’ of 2019?

Blacks Against Nazis in WW2

"The number of black people living in Nazi-occupied Europe was relatively small and there was no systematic program for their elimination." "In Mein Kampf, Hitler described children resulting from marriages to African occupation soldiers as a contamination of the white race "by Negro blood on the Rhine in the heart of Europe." (source: Wikipedia)…Read more Blacks Against Nazis in WW2

Mental Health Illness by Hustle4Info

Mental Illness is not the same as a 'character flaw' as it has been used in contemporary art to make a statement about the political-social-industrial system. Medical professionals would say a mental illness, mild or severe, is when you can't lead the life you think is good because of your brain --- hence its use…Read more Mental Health Illness by Hustle4Info