Mental Health Illness by Hustle4Info

Mental Illness is not the same as a 'character flaw' as it has been used in contemporary art to make a statement about the political-social-industrial system. Medical professionals would say a mental illness, mild or severe, is when you can't lead the life you think is good because of your brain --- hence its use…Read more Mental Health Illness by Hustle4Info

Hustle 4 Info: Detroit’s Bankruptcy In A Nutshell

Detroit's bankruptcy filing and its recovery plan might have been the best solution for the entire city but some few with extraordinary burdens find cuts to their pension especially daunting. What led to the city's bankruptcy? "Decades of financial mismanagement and corruption" causing residents to leave the city. For residents who stay, they take…Read more Hustle 4 Info: Detroit’s Bankruptcy In A Nutshell

Slumming In America

Behind the scenes of successful business developments that are rejuvenating the surface of cities is a growing crisis of poverty and crime due to some kind of imbalance. Seven years ago this news cast shed light on the problem. More recently, other hyper successful towns like Los Angeles is seeing a surge in the…Read more Slumming In America

Information in News versus Schools

The difference between what you learn from news and from school starts with 'facts, theory, hypothesis and law' and it also has to do with different types of news genre like opinionated-talk, reporting or analysis (which is a hypothesis). Does journalism begin with a hypothesis? Do journalists start from some place or no place?…Read more Information in News versus Schools

Internet and The Chinese Firewall

Censoring the internet in China prevents certain ideas from being published in any form. In practice most Chinese internet users visit domestic websites and any censoring of content is a bigger policy blocking that idea, such as academic information that does not directly affect most daily users. There is also pro-government supporters who will…Read more Internet and The Chinese Firewall