Hustle4Info| Wikileaks

This week (January 26, 2019) political operative Roger Stone was charged by the FBI for involving himself with Wikileaks in getting to steal damning information on political rivals. For getting and leaking classified information, Wikileaks is breaking the law so why is it so popular and influential with established media and how does the citizens…Read more Hustle4Info| Wikileaks

1929 To 1939 And World War 2

The hardship of life in America during the Great Depression and concurrent world events up to the start of World War 2.

Hustle4Info| Fentanyl’s Creation to Crisis

As told by researcher Hamilton Morris, Fentanyl began as a cheaper alternative to longer lasting opioid medications but it's synthetic nature allowed bath-tub chemists to attempt to make it. Lacing heroin with Fentanyl makes it cheaper because there is less natural opium and more synthetic Fentanyl paid for by drug users. Prince, pop…Read more Hustle4Info| Fentanyl’s Creation to Crisis

Hustle4Info| Real Credit Score Stories & Advice

Ya-ya Mark Cuban and Jay Leno has sworn off credit cards sorta watching their weight. So they don't have a Credit Score? That ain't so! Credit is like technology to the Amish (they have some). Here are real stories, thank you to the honest and courageous people who shared their life experience, around building up…Read more Hustle4Info| Real Credit Score Stories & Advice

Civil War in Yemen

There is a civil war in Yemen where American troops are sent to fight Al Qaeda. It is a conflict between the Houthi ethnic group that occupy a northern region of Yemen and they want autonomy from the federal government (Wikipedia). Houthi activists accuse the government bureaucracy lack the proper expertise. The…Read more Civil War in Yemen