Daniel Prude: Cops are Clean, Prude is a Psycho, Mayor is Crooked

The mayor, under investigation for fraud, admits Daniel Prude is a psychopath. He has failed every tool of public health known to humanity made available to everyone in Rochester. His daughter likewise is a liar as a psychopath. And the timeline proves the cops did their duty and are clean. The entire Prude family is…Read more Daniel Prude: Cops are Clean, Prude is a Psycho, Mayor is Crooked

Groupies – HUSTLE4INFO

Groupies are, most likely women, set apart from regular fans due to their proximity to an idol, such as a musical group. It is a time consuming and commonly damaging choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruX_sZLbf44 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDoOhXANmCI https://youtu.be/c3cQLpDQYv8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csbfAYRLehc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGQGr5q1gn4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgKATgblWZc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI71oTE3JIA


American kids that fight on the side of the country's enemy. They are not fictional. https://twitter.com/ctywellnssatlas/status/1290257024039686144 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290257144978255873 https://twitter.com/ctywellnssatlas/status/1290257817970962432 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290258308855664640 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290259363609731075 https://twitter.com/ctywellnssatlas/status/1290260150608068610 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290264446837723138 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290260438022860800 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290265439751278593 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290265976613695493 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290266183997022208


In recent memory a few judges have been shot at and killed. What is behind this string of incidents involving US Judges? Mainly personal gain. https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290329889070034944 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290334351012646916 Man, 37, Charged With Murder in Judge Killing. ("article") https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1290335485030739970 Man acquitted of shooting federal judge gets 67 years in robbery spree (article). On a lighter note, how…Read more TARGETING JUDGES WHATS BEHIND IT? ~ Hustle4Info


Tech companies this month are before a US Committee investigating accusations of anti-trust behavior surrounding their size, customer information & privacy and any dirty tactics they might be using to quash competition with those advantages. https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1288962021950738435 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1288960912217575424 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1288960463523459074 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1288958623964684289 https://twitter.com/thecultureproof/status/1288957666652573699

Antifa Extremists Have Not Answers — Hustle4Info

Beyond the thin conscience that is Antifa, stretching back to the time of America's founding to today's impoverishment, the group really has no answers other than communism with new leaders who are them. They appeal to a segment that think at the highschool level on these fine topics; what else is lacking is a lot…Read more Antifa Extremists Have Not Answers — Hustle4Info