Illegal Immigration USA

Illegal immigration, like legal immigration, is happening due to violence and disaster in their home country. Those with family members in the USA are allowed to cross and those without are turned back should they show up at the border unexpectedly. It is "hidden" refugee crisis and people flee because they have been threatened…Read more Illegal Immigration USA

USA Healthcare: Out of Network and In Network Arrangements

In-network arrangements is as if the doctors were accepting Groupon (a group coupon) --- will the lower reimbursement they receive be offset by more patients and when is the point of diminishing returns (when too many patients makes it not worth it as well). The difference between health care plans, and this impacts the…Read more USA Healthcare: Out of Network and In Network Arrangements

Art of Sales x Top 10 Authors

From Inc.'s Top 10 Sales Books of all Time (<a href="">article</a>), presenting the authors of each of those books. From #1 to #10. Spin Selling x Neil Rackham: <a href="">The Value Proposition</a> The Little Red Book of Selling x Jeff Gitomer: Know Your Strengths. Secrets to Closing the Sale x Zig Ziglar: Character. The…Read more Art of Sales x Top 10 Authors

LAW: The Accusation Process for Defendant and Accuser

What should you do if you are accused by someone? For major crimes accused by the state you might qualify for legal aid. What is the difference between civil and criminal cases? Civil is about negligence and rewards money whereas criminal is about crime set by the state and involves prison. For the…Read more LAW: The Accusation Process for Defendant and Accuser

UBER Hacked + Facebook Scraping = Deadly

Uber waits a year to reveal major hack of customer data (Washington Post) + Facebook scraping of public data = stalking potential. LIVE: Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress | Day 2 The board of Uber is hoping to get Sheryl Sandberg (Daily Mail UK) Especially for women: New York State Assemblywoman Nily Rozic-the Models’…Read more UBER Hacked + Facebook Scraping = Deadly

Satan, Evil and Lust

Evil is closely intertwined with destructive lust. In ordinary life, criminals are labelled evil if they carry out single focus acts that result in destruction. American Zen Buddhist Alan Watts describes Satan as if the Devil were God's immune system that can get out of balance: suggesting a constant battle to keep our…Read more Satan, Evil and Lust