Canadian Class (Low, Middle, Ultra Wealthy)

Self-identification of class in Canada follows popular opinion and that is why to an outsider Canada seems to have multiple personality syndrome. At the moment it is popular to identify as poor-it is popular for all corporate officers, business owners, teachers, healthcare professionals and politicians to be poor just as “Canadian real estate market is for the ultra-wealthy”.

Personal debt, that robs you of your income is not exactly oppression and headlines around the world is flagging Canadians as the most gluttonous of the glutton. “Canada now has the world’s wealthiest middle class”.

What is a real Canadian middle-class?

Canada is having a dangerous affair with the poor heroism because many Canadians have no true adversity other than playing tort-tag with the local constabulary: “Five Canadian kids charged with making school threats: Unfortunately, when events take place south of the border…we do start to see situations present themselves here in Ontario.” Canada’s like the dope dealer at Beverley Hills High. CANADIAN SOCIALISM: Sweat is sweat, which is a confusion of the Marxist working-class (which is employees who work for the owner of the company) and democratic working-class (based on income and the services a person has access to on that income) – most Canadians are middle-class by their income and access to those services.

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