Choosing a Career.

Do you need to a lot of psycho analysis to find the right career? No you do not, though no one can predict what to come, so choosing a career is about ‘beginning’ not about finishing. Many have had several ‘careers’ before settling into a profession they will do for the rest of their life – the secret of their success is to work hard. And though they are modest about their missteps, people they worked with say they did not do bad.

(00:00:34 minutes)

Steve Harvey, who is a television star, has had several jobs that many people can do for life. His advice is almost like from a family member. It sounds like one day something ‘clicked’ for Steve Harvey.
(00:05:17 minutes)

An Engineering professor gives students a great clue – what you learn in school is not what working is like. The things you pick up in school is different from the conditions of work – you might use the public library or talk to adults you trust about work.
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You can also think about the world in the future and attempt a career along that path.
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Cover image courtesy of Pixabay where there are many others for free.

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