COAL: People Not Machines Make It Efficient.

The American government has placed tariffs on foreign imports to help the struggling coal industry of America. Yet in the immediate term it seems to have made the situation worse. It has to do with machines out running people and the inability of managers to justify their roles. Whatever situation they face and I believe it is a human resource problem, they have to hire quality not expediency.

The case for machines out running people.

Coal workers face a dilemma that shines a light on the diverse scenarios of Americans and the ignorance that grows between them.

The human resource record of the industry is below average, even if you disagree with the messenger (which is another symptom of America’s embrace of the darkness).

Corporations, trusts, and billionaires are leveraging the President’s real intention to protect workers.

Hence, real people are not impressed with anathema dangerous poorly implemented technology.

Coal is presently worse than AI or Robots for “There Will Be Blood”. Coal must show results in exchange for tariffs on foreign imports. People make coal efficient, not machines!

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