Corporate Emotional Training is Bunk

There is scant evidence to support that it works and it leaves a huge gap vulnerable to plain-ol brown-nosing as corporate America becomes more toxic to work in and rapidly shrinking in talent and experience. Has the baby boomer generation been wallowing in a toxic bath? Sheesh! Emotional intelligence and EQ is hokum for traditional maturity. Which, now, requires a term like ‘adulting’ to make it ‘playful and fun’! Holyfuck!!

“spurious conflicts about the validity of the different theories or measures which likely limit predicting managerial and leadership effectiveness, engagement, innovation and organizational…”

Controversy over shocking people with autism, behavioral disorders

Corporate EQ is bunk compared to real support: Support Services for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Signs of Emotional Abuse at Work (and How to React)

EQ is bunk: it’s just Racism or ignorance. What’s “unconscious bias training,” and does it work? It doesn’t take head-shrinks.

Several states crack down ‘fake’ service animals

The Dangerous Power of Emotional Advertising, to me is the same because emotional training at the office is not seeing a doctor!

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