Extraterrestrial Life.

Do space-aliens, also called extraterrestrial life, exist? The Vatican’s Chief Astronomer says that if they do then that happening would not contradict the Bible and it be a part of God’s big Creation.

(2:18 minutes)

What was attributed to extraterrestrial acumen (know-how) is becoming debunked by modern archaeologists and modern builders who are able to replicate ancient engineering and construction approaches.

(1:11 minutes)

A Russian astronomer reveals that early UFO sightings in the Soviet Union came from classified A/B testing of different monitoring ‘sky-nets’ (that is, testing one system against another) to see which could spot intruders from the air.

(3:05 Minutes)

So officially, the scientific community does not believe aliens have visited Earth though it is a strong chance there is life out there in the universe. Scientists believe that believing that there could be life elsewhere in the universe is a good way to appreciate our own Humanity.

(0:21 Minutes)


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