How Does Our Brain Work

The brain is an organ, so as a piece of equipment it is as much the engine as is the heart but what is unique about the brain is that it produces ‘thoughts’ and ‘ideas’, that also feeds back into it, in addition to nutrients and good bodily health, it also requires good mental health.

Just as your face will get stuck a certain way, when your muscles get twisted, your brain can stay a certain way if you keep twisting ideas. What we think in dark times, beyond our control, keeps our brain healthy even when the world is hard.

Pope Francis urges Christians to ‘not allow darkness and fear to distract us’ in Easter message (article)

If you add outside things to the brain, in the form of drugs, ideas and experiences, it changes the brain, which is an organ like the heart, not a cpu which is not elastic like the brain.  A computer cpu can become obsolete but a human brain does not become obsolete like that.

Choose a healthy lifestyle because the things we put into our body changes all organs including the brain.



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