Hustle 4 Info:// Arab Speaking Nations’ Beef with Israel

The reason for Al Qaeda attacking on 9-11 is because of the American invasion of Iraq, which placed troops on Arab soil and deepened anger over the Israel Palestine territorial dispute that began after WW2. Al Qaeda then sought protection under the shield of the Taliban, and from out of Iraq also rose up ISIS. A recent peace treaty between the Taliban and the USA is attempting to get the Taliban to negotiate and talk with other Afghan groups in the area to create a stable nation. But Islamic State has a feud with Shiite Muslims in the same territory because of these Muslims having fought as Mujahideens alongside Russia, in their dispute over leadership. More recently, the Arabic speaking nations have once more gotten together to strengthen their political presence against support for Israel, by the USA, bringing attention back to the original issue of Israel and Palestine states after WW2.

CNN: 1997, Osama Bin Laden declares jihad


Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s plan to annex occupied West Bank

The Arab-Israeli War of 1948 and Nakba explained

Muslim leaders urge world to recognise East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine…

Muslim nations declare East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

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