HUSTLE4INFO: Drugs & Businesses

A view of drugs, its money and the effect these have on local businesses.

War on drugs hits homes, businesses around Tucson

Why Drug Profits Stay In The United States

Mexico drug trade hits local economy

Cocaine’s unexpected economic impact – BBC News

Teen Drug Dealer Makes $20k A Month

(This anchor shouldn’t admire it. The concentration of drug money destroys communities and businesses, not to mention the contribution to bodily harm. She did it several times insistently throughout her coverage. She’s White, high profile, privileged and a drug fanatic. It is an example of the low quality human capital in media and popular American white female belief-system.)
A study finds that income inequality and structural racism is related to prevalence of people who inject drugs in metropolitan areas, especially with the concentration of drug money. Study here. Furthermore, just 6 companies distribute, 3 produce 75% of the opioid in the epidemic. Article.
Tohono O’odham Nation fighting new drug business trend

Homelessness, drug abuse, quality of life: Worcester PD establishing rel…

A community overwhelmed by opioids

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