Odds in Favor of Trump Second Term

Election fraud as a conspiracy is over-played and down-played. But voter-fraud, “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”1, is highly likely given Trump’s MAGA thumping against the mob.

States are adamant no opportunity is given for the likelihood of committing fraud which is at odds with former Democrat and Republican presidents. And many states were unprepared, despite their naïve earnestness, for the pandemic style tidal wave of mail-in ballots which require extra and different steps to process.

In so doing show an intolerant streak of perfectionism over ethics. As such President Trump’s legal team anticipated losing in the State Courts. For me, the take away of this election fraud is that so-called workers, more so laborers, are unprepared for modern work!

1. What is considered fraud, waste, or abuse?, Office of Inspector General, 2018 link.

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