That Dream Life by Hustle 4 Info #Self #nq

As far as I recall there were just two choices when asked about a dream life. It was either money or power. As the world got bigger people began to deviate into their own answers. Such that now, there is actually four over-arching options. These reductionist choices are money, power, intellect or lifestyle. These are what you will be known as by your family and your community like ‘the rich one’, the powerful one, the intelligent one and the ‘neat/cool’ one. All are influential depending on the height that is known and their own personal record.

[2:02 minutes. Winning the Money Game where an NBA Vet has Lessons Learned from the Financial Fouls of Professional Athletes]

[1:43 minutes. ATP Champions Tour star Marat Safin explains his motivations for starting a new career in politics.]

[3:09 minutes. The Story of Aicha from New York City | Glamour. Filmmaker Lina Plioplyte meets Aicha, whose family can’t afford to hire tutors or send her to private school. But with the help of Girl Project partner the Lower Eastside Girls Club, Aicha is still able to get a great education.]

[1:46 minutes. Raised in a Violent World, I Believed in Myself to Achieve My Career Dream.]

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