US Healthcare Problem Is Fixed – TheCultureProof

Ought every American be covered by a healthcare plan? Is Universal Healthcare the correct end of that means? Yes and no, with a definitive solution. Universal healthcare means a human-right not necessarily a one-payer system.
That debate has to do with efficiencies while there are healthcare deserts in America where regions and counties lack primary care physicians. So already the discussion is mired in first and second definitions of words and context has been abandoned.
A one-payer system helps families gather all their coverage in times of urgent care but it comes with gigantic government bureaucracy. It may solve healthcare deserts too, but fixing healthcare deserts alone, may free up clogged inefficiencies that improve the entire current system without undue burden.
Economist Milton Friedman, who is taught in universities around the world, plainly says the actual problem of those lacking healthcare is small compared to the middle-class, even as the issue is a hot topic. The actual number of Americans without healthcare coverage kind of, sort of, explained by these healthcare deserts like rural America.

At the same time, the healthcare deserts that exist throughout America is a glaring problem. And it makes healthcare insurance pointless not to have a primary care physician. In Hawaii there is a pay as you go government system, but no doctor makes everything useless.

For doctors, who themselves are highly trained professionals, ought we have forgotten that type of consumer (in the current socialist climate), the pay arbitrage between city and rural impedes their rate of student-debt repayment. So instead of match their salary (to be far above the local cost of living), the government can match the student-debt repayment of rural doctors. Only when doctors make an effort to pay back their student loan does that government money work for them.

This ensures reasonable access to healthcare, if consumers choose to exercise their Constitutional right, like public transit and food banks, without creating a new bureaucratic giant-baby.

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