Media is an ether that is limited by the hands that maintain it. Thus the problem of ‘rich’, is it lies in but is not with the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor. It has much more to do with meaningful work and life long security. The widening gap in material wealth is as emblematic as media’s obsession with ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’, and society’s inability to live away from the page because many more than we think, I must believe, do not have a deep and copious support system independent of the hot topic of the moment. The problem of ‘rich’ is a challenge of being able to see pass that to things that are more enduring, and it is of wider scope than academia. In this I want to say, it affects highly educated people as much as any other.

“In this clip, philosopher John Searle discusses his approach to the mind-body problem known as “biological naturalism.” Searle believes that neither dualism nor materialism can adequately account for consciousness, but that the mind can still be studied as a purely biological phenomena.”

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