Home ownership makes good sense. A loan from the bank for $200,000 or more at 3% is a better deal than a credit card with a limit of just $10,000 at 20%. A good deal just makes more sense. Borrowing $10,000 at 20% is a dumb deal compared to borrowing $200,000 at 3%.

First, lets start with a joke about all the arguments that home ownership is not good.

Beginners’ guide to mortgages – MoneyWeek investment tutorials

Young Americans are listening. They are setting national records.

Everyone is going there.

Did you get left out, watching the news? Suburbs of Philadelphia Real Estate: Homeownership rates are increasing.

A home is your biggest investment and asset and priority! When prisoners can vote, your vote and your home give you a bigger say about what’s important to your city.

“Return on a home. Warren Buffett’s view on Real Estate”

Home Ownership makes you a more important consumer (woe to corporations with shit for brains that are ‘racist’ and bias). Personally I feel from what is shown, the economy is full of whores and their sugar daddies trying to charge more for her shithole. Everyone acts like feminism and equality is for whores and pimps, let them fuck it and serve it. It’s human-trafficking and cheap sex. Where there are few home owners, like Canada (where the home ownership rate is 35% to 64% in the USA) even though the crime rate is similar, main stream culture wants to turn a woman with brains into a cheap shithole!


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