Nazi’s Master Race: Hitler & The Lay Jew

Hitler's anti-Semitism took root in the dissonance that Jews are as lay as Whites; not pious as we assume. I say it's their drama, don't involve us. We'd be bad to them all; it's just low-class crime. Investigating the Holocaust Part 1: Mein Kampf - Hitler’s Nazi Philosophy Third Reich Nuremberg Laws…Read more Nazi’s Master Race: Hitler & The Lay Jew

Private Equity Wealth: Popstar Flipout

"Private Equity" as a verb is a new way of describing leveraged buy-out, says one presenter below. Basically borrowing money from a bank on private-equity 'collateral', so the firm; and its private investors, can acquire and flip an asset. Currently a mega pop-star is flipping out that a Private Equity firm as purchased her library…Read more Private Equity Wealth: Popstar Flipout

Odds in Favor of Trump Second Term

Election fraud as a conspiracy is over-played and down-played. But voter-fraud, "wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain"1, is highly likely given Trump's MAGA thumping against the mob. States are adamant no opportunity is given for the likelihood of committing fraud which is at odds with former Democrat and Republican…Read more Odds in Favor of Trump Second Term

Panama Papers by Hustle4Info

A trove of documents stolen by hackers document the ownership of offshore companies owned by elites, that are to be part of a global money laundering organization for illegal spoils. This has cast doubt on world leaders so is it as simple as it appears. Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens -…Read more Panama Papers by Hustle4Info

Trump for School Choice

Surprisingly, using the Hustle4Info approach, it turns out School Choice is a solution to address the additional problems facing parents at the lower levels, such as violence and low-income. For parents in the middle-class they choose schools indirectly such as moving to better school districts. Therefore, School Choice offers parents stuck in an under-performing school…Read more Trump for School Choice

ICE Sterilization

Allegations of coerced sterilization of detainees under ICE custody harken to the dark specter of abuses of vulnerable people held by government authority in America. Can it happen? Yes it's plausible based on history. The allegations Is it likely?