Rape seems like a crime that is hard to prove and hard for victims to have justice. Unlike another form of rape, called statutory rape (which is sex with a partner younger than the age of consent), assault as rape, which is pressured into having sex, has many other stipulations than age.

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Different countries have different gender-beliefs, so while the idea that attacking a woman without or against her permission is wrong, judgement is difficult because of the circumstance and also because of gender-biases. Rape can happen when the woman is unconscious and there is no third-party recording of the crime being committed, in that situation it is like ‘he-said-she-said’ that draws in regional, group and class mores.

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Administrators are having difficulty navigating these regional, group and social values. Many universities are currently dealing with civil-lawsuits from students (who were raped) who said not enough was done to address their safety.

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