Common Core.

The new Common Core standards in schools challenges the teaching establishment. For students going through the changes, these are new ways they will be taught that blends real-world practice with theory for ‘understanding’ not just ‘mechanics’.  Common Core demonstrates math as good as ‘trades people might use it’ and learn English with real-world literacy.

(00:02:42 minutes)

The majority of teachers think that the Common Core gives kids a wholistic education that draws in the real-world to make subjects important.

(00:00:59 minutes)

People who oppose Common Core says their kids are spending too much time studying English and Math. The ‘Opt-Out’ movement think the Common Core curriculum is unbalanced because the Common Core does not test other subjects like Art and Phys-Ed.

(00:02:08 minutes)

The Common Core is a copyrighted program developed by the National Governors Association. And the Federal Government pays a licensing fee to implement that program. This implies that it is a ‘work readiness’ approach to education.





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