Chicago Violence.

Chicago recorded 700 homicides and a startling 4,368 shooting victims in 2016., and since January 2017, 553 shooting victims (Chicago Tribune). Community Faith leader(s) and residents are pointing the finger at the large number of guns ‘out and about’ in the city.

(00:03:17 minutes)

Due to a number of ‘police brutality’ and ‘police shootings’ of young (Black) men, focus is put on ‘restraining’  and retraining the police on when to use guns against crime.

(00:00:44 minutes)

The police and pro-police advocates say this is pushing the balance away from a ‘police-friendly’ message, meaning ‘cooperate and support the police’. This advocate points to the erratic reaction of young (Black) men stopped by police and insists it is a separate front than the front being fought by Black Lives Matter.

(00:03:43 minutes)

These are the concerns of Black Lives Matter.

(00:00:41 minutes)

And Chicago has always been a violent city.

(00:02:09 minutes)


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