Ever been curious about how computer hacking is done? They’ll teach you at the university level the ‘sleight of hand’ involved with hacking. There are ‘physical’ elements that makes it prohibitive except for the enthusiast.

(00:05:04 minutes)

Hacking is no longer used to mean computers. It now means any activity to by-pass ‘security check points’. It can also be an innocuous word that refers to ‘making it your own’ as in ‘hacking Ikea furniture to re-use it as something else’ – kind of ‘folk ingenuity’.

(00:01:52 minutes)

It is this folksy mindset, about reclaiming control of things that might reside in the hands of ‘the elite’ like managers of corporations, security agencies and bureaucracies – “when the only game in town is crooked.”

(00:00:53 minutes)

Hacking though is a crime and just because you can ‘pick a lock’ doesn’t make it a democratic or folksy-virtue.

(00:02:03 minutes)

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