Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is a legal stipulation concerning  “information service providers”, which are telecommunications company that are regulated by a newer section of the Federal Communications Act regulating ‘telephone neutrality’. The newer definition of “information service providers” is a different set of standards for telecommunication companies that were ‘common carriers’ in the telephone segment.

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Net Neutrality made headlines because of internet-piracy and the use of the internet to download and upload pirated materials. But it is just one issue the Federal Communication Commission is managing, others include ‘robo-calls’ (tele-marketing) and consumer privacy.

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Net Neutrality does not directly benefit creative-types per se. The ‘studio system’ that includes distribution, using the internet as well, remains the same sort of challenge for film-makers regardless of ‘transmission preference’ for materials owned by conglomerates. What creative types who might ‘distribute’ on their own wants is an ‘open’ as in non-monopolistic environment with rules against piracy.

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Piracy, which is ‘theft of copyrighted’ materials, is a matter of technology and expertise of users, out-pacing those of business experts and managers. So Net Non-Neutrality might be an inelegant solution to combat theft by ‘tolling internet high-ways’ for the added ‘information’ of music and movies provided by these conglomerates.

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It is like when the car was first invented before traffic safety, MADD and seat-belts.

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