Moving Out on Your Own.

In moving out into your own place, perhaps you have certain fantasies that has been stored up living at home; like doing young-adult things without invading your parents’ space. Lately, savvy young-adults are living longer at home to “save money”!

This expert talk about becoming “grown up” when young-adults live on their own, which is more like an investment aside from “saving money” the way many move out to further their schooling.

(00:03:44 minutes)

This Filipino language soap-opera illustrate the universal situation that leads young-adults to want to move out, and that is to pursue “grown up” relationships and to live a “grown up” lifestyle so that they can be stronger.

(00:03:49 minutes)

Why don’t you want to move out?

(This clip has one ‘informal’ swear word instance. 00:04:21 minutes)


The cover photo is courtesy of Pixabay, where many others are available for free.

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