Salesmanship is about creating a customer in order to close a deal. The sales-customer relationship ought to help the customer achieve their goals at work or outside of work, it depends on the product you are selling. And how you sell ought to help the customer walk away having solved a problem.

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Salesmanship focuses on the benefits of your product and service, and it is that discussion that adds value for the customer in relation to the price you are charging. This entrepreneur, author and saleswoman reveals her relationship with clients.

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The top sales people want to be the highest earning in their region, their sector or their company.

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Good salesmanship is assisted by a good lifestyle; not meaning luxury but well organized and well-rounded, because salesmanship is about solving problems others have that ought to be like you.

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The misinformation of sales is that it is ruthless instead of strong, smart and forward looking.

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The cover image is courtesy of Pixabay, where many others are available for free.

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