What is sexism? Everyone is pressing for awareness and even best practices to combat sexism. This topic includes misdemeanor behavior, about being groped at work, to ‘come-ons’ in public places. It also includes forcible sexual assault as well as domestic violence. Is sexism a police issue, a legal issue or a social-mores issue?
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Fortune 100 CEO Carly Fiorina presents a skit where men are put in their place with superficiality. It robs the person of that work opportunity.
(00:01:14 minutes)

Sexism becomes systemic when the health and well-being of ‘the modern situation’ of women, like single-motherhood and dual income families are not top of mind for policy-makers at big entities like corporations and government.
Melinda Gates tells CNN’s Poppy Harlow why more women than men are living in poverty around the world, and how full family paid leave could help.
(00:07:25 minutes)

One form of systemic sexism is the consistency of the ‘wage gap’. Why do women earn less than men for the same job?
(00:02:14 minutes)

One reason for this is a form of ‘laziness’ or short-cut taken, says, “Stanford professor and Singularity University vice president Vivek Wadhwa explains that when venture capitalists talk about pattern recognition, they’re legitimizing discrimination.”
(00:03:43 minutes)

All photos used come courtesy of Pixabay, where you can find many others for free.

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