The Working Poor.

Poverty is about the amount of honest income you are earning that is too low to cover the normal bills of a family. Some will say crime will exist regardless of poverty because of human-nature. Here is one struggling family and how it became so.
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Most honest families that are poor go through the same experience.
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Poverty is a reason that young desperate men turn to short-term crime. They can transition into parents with good values, insightful experience and good homes.

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In Buffalo county, the poorest in the state, business leaders role-play to live on the same amount of money as a poor family. It is to give business leaders deeper knowledge of the customers in their community and the issues these customers must manage.
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Poverty workers and “advocates” face backlash for making poverty reduction a priority – it might negate the accomplishment of government in other areas. They believe that poverty leads to a weak tax-payer base which is not the same as tax-revenue from business activity. This long-term theory is that a weak tax-payer base will eventually catch up to business and the entire community. So that current government spending ought not sacrifice things like education and social support even if other choices seem more appealing in the short-term – that will cause greater income gaps between families.

(Arizona Poverty: Arizona has a higher rate of poverty and income inequality than most other states. Steve Seleznow, President & CEO of the Arizona Community Foundation, will discuss Arizona poverty – starts at 00:16:00 minutes.)

One of the better ways to help alleviate poverty with the right government instruments and get businesses supporting it is with ‘data and information’.  Among developed nations, like France, poverty is an urgent issue because the ‘old infrastructure supporting poverty’ needs to match current demand.

“France is one of the wealthiest countries in the world but recent figures show that 8 million people are having difficulty making ends meet. Charities are criticising the French government for not doing enough.”
(00:02:19 minutes)

All photos used come courtesy of Pixabay, where you can find many others for free.

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