Suicide Prevention

Someone might say they feel like killing themselves or that they will. What motivates people to kill themselves is a lost of hope because they might feel imprisoned by their problems.

(Mayo Clinic, teens describe common signs that a teen is considering suicide and provide encouragement for communicating directly and immediately for support and safety.)

Justin Bieber’s Mom, Pattie Mallette Gives Advice for Suicidal Teens

People might keep their problems to themselves.

(Cyber Bullies Drove My Daughter to Commit Suicide | This Morning)

A suicide survivor who is now successful and happy as a professional talk candidly about the experience.

(Vanderbilt Health in Nashville TN, Samantha Nadler talks about her past suicide attempts with an uninhibited boldness. She’ll even throw in a bit of suicide humor to get people talking about a subject that is too often discussed in hushed tones.)

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