The Qubit Chip (Quantum Computing)

Quantum Computing is the next iteration of computing and they look more like IBM’s Big Blue than your personal computer. They are powered by a new chip technology called Qubit and the theory is something like ‘Chaos’ Theory in Quantum Mechanics.

Basically, some things can exist in two states at once, like a light can be a particle or a wave. And what state only is true when you look at it. A Qubit chip can exist as 0 and 1, unlike a normal chip that is 0 or 1. And a Qubit chip will return a concrete answer, out of a state of ‘chaos’ the more information it has. That is why it is also called Artificial Intelligence. And in fact, it takes a larger amount of information in order to function.

For example, HAL 9000 is a fictional character and the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series.

Will quantum computing serve our humanity? From this NASA and Google video, I reason that it will not but will serve a grander purpose of atomic order, like the Hal 9000.

The quantum computer is about maintaining orderliness not about living and on a cosmic scale not a human scale. So we will be betting who is closer to God. Though Quantum Computing isn’t about life but about order, that if you were to reign this power it would be like a universe-nuke reminiscent of Isaac Asimov novels.



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