Supervised (Heroin) Injection Sites – HUSTLE 4 INFO

How does supervised injection sites seem now that there are more evidence gathered. While there are some studies from secret underground injection sites, how can these credibly be reliable?! For public health, secret experiments no one has access to are not reliable! In conclusion, because drug addicts bring their own drugs, the rising potency of illegal narcotics are also causing a wave of overdoses at these supervised sites, so, as one mother of a recovered victim testifies on record, these sites are not useful! What that mother with experience recommends is to use both the strong arm of the law and healthcare coverage!

Supervised Injection Sites – Philly Could Be Home to Nation’s First Safe Injection Site

The two sides to Denver’s supervised injection site debate

San Francisco’s Problematic “Safe Injection Centers”

Visit to Supervised Injection Site Neighborhood in Vancouver BC – Sept 2017

Canadian Government easing injection site rules as opioid deaths rise

Democrats abandon supervised drug injection sites after Republican backlash

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