UAW Chrysler Corruption – Hustle 4 Info

GM workers hold the line, while Chrysler workers were sold out by their leaders who are under arrest for taking bribes from Chrysler management. While General Motors workers are at strike, Chrysler workers have seen their Local leadership and management at Chrysler arrested on charges of corruption (abuse of power) for accepting and giving bribes to settle pay negotiations. Chrysler workers feel cheated by their own Local leaders who lived an extremely lavish lifestyle.

UAW President Arrested! FBI raids Canton Township home of UAW president

UAW Corruption Charges! Former FCA executive, wife of UAW VP charged in payoff scandal

FBI probes UAW corruption (of UAW leadership at Chrysler) amid GM strike

UAW GM strike as UAW Chrysler leaders are arrested.
Feds charge #11 in United Auto Workers in ongoing corruption case

Chrysler workers angry that their leaders, under arrest, did not hold the line! UAW extends contracts with Ford & FCA indefinitely amid GM negotiations

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