The “Trump Presidency”.

Learn deep fast, Hustle4Info’s first project “submitted for your consideration”. We check out the “Trump Presidency” in not so many words.

When Mr.Donald Trump gave an interview back in 2008, the long-time supporter of Republican Senator John McCain soured on the Republican party – here Mr. Donald Trump speaks on Presidents Bush and Obama and rapper 50 Cent.
(2:06 minutes)

The idea that Mr. Donald Trump would run for president made for weighty banter.
(0:47 minutes)

Leading up to the official announcement that Mr. Donald Trump would run for president, comedian Seth Meyers roasted him infamously at a White House correspondence dinner where he was in attendance.
(3:27 minutes)

Back in 1988 on Oprah, Mr. Donald Trump talks about his view on business with other nations.
(3:09 minutes)

The Trump Presidential campaign focused heavily on “America first” and the “under represented voices” of that country.
(00:15 minutes)

“America first” among other things, meant closing gates on opportunities for “foreigners” caught in a bureaucratic gray-zone.
(01:44 minutes)

Like these individuals some countries, like Cuba, that is just recently normalizing relationships with America worry for that “America first” stance.
(1:23 minutes)

Canada, a major trader with the USA, is not worried about any trade difficulties between the two countries and implies, in this clip, there is also a “Canada first” stance.
(2:15 minutes)

The “Trump Presidency” aims to bring home business revenue made over-seas through using the lever of taxation.
(01:10 minutes)

All photos used come courtesy of Pixabay, where you can find many others for free.

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