HUSTLE4INFO: Drugs & Businesses

A view of drugs, its money and the effect these have on local businesses. War on drugs hits homes, businesses around Tucson Why Drug Profits Stay In The United States Mexico drug trade hits local economy Cocaine's unexpected economic impact - BBC News Teen Drug Dealer Makes $20k A Month…Read more HUSTLE4INFO: Drugs & Businesses

Supervised (Heroin) Injection Sites – HUSTLE 4 INFO

How does supervised injection sites seem now that there are more evidence gathered. While there are some studies from secret underground injection sites, how can these credibly be reliable?! For public health, secret experiments no one has access to are not reliable! In conclusion, because drug addicts bring their own drugs, the rising potency of…Read more Supervised (Heroin) Injection Sites – HUSTLE 4 INFO

HUSTLE 4 INFO | Rehab Is The Same For Everyone Including Celebs!

A former addict who is now a professional counselor talks about the emotional journey of rehab. It seems from the data that a new crop of drug users are being cultivated among "Millennials" as old drug users are weened off. Rehab for young adults. Enjoy. A dull life of celebrity rehab.…Read more HUSTLE 4 INFO | Rehab Is The Same For Everyone Including Celebs!

Hustle4Info| Fentanyl’s Creation to Crisis

As told by researcher Hamilton Morris, Fentanyl began as a cheaper alternative to longer lasting opioid medications but it's synthetic nature allowed bath-tub chemists to attempt to make it. Lacing heroin with Fentanyl makes it cheaper because there is less natural opium and more synthetic Fentanyl paid for by drug users. Prince, pop…Read more Hustle4Info| Fentanyl’s Creation to Crisis