Nazi’s Master Race: Hitler & The Lay Jew

Hitler's anti-Semitism took root in the dissonance that Jews are as lay as Whites; not pious as we assume. I say it's their drama, don't involve us. We'd be bad to them all; it's just low-class crime. Investigating the Holocaust Part 1: Mein Kampf - Hitler’s Nazi Philosophy Third Reich Nuremberg Laws…Read more Nazi’s Master Race: Hitler & The Lay Jew

Blacks Against Nazis in WW2

"The number of black people living in Nazi-occupied Europe was relatively small and there was no systematic program for their elimination." "In Mein Kampf, Hitler described children resulting from marriages to African occupation soldiers as a contamination of the white race "by Negro blood on the Rhine in the heart of Europe." (source: Wikipedia)…Read more Blacks Against Nazis in WW2