HUSTLE4INFO| What’s Wrong With Medicare-Medicaid

What's wrong with Medicare-Medicaid? After watching these informative videos on the topic I am of the mind that those who qualify ought to be on it for it to break even, perhaps? Like a healthcare draft that needs maximum participation to break even. Some states want to expand Medicaid (under the 'Obamacare' Affordable Health Act),…Read more HUSTLE4INFO| What’s Wrong With Medicare-Medicaid



What happened to Otto Warmbier in a North Korean prison. Reports from a former prison guard paint a precarious and unsanitary environment that could easily lead to Otto Warmbier mysterious death, after being sentenced to hard labor for a poster theft while a part of a guided student tour.

Civil War in Yemen

There is a civil war in Yemen where American troops are sent to fight Al Qaeda. It is a conflict between the Houthi ethnic group that occupy a northern region of Yemen and they want autonomy from the federal government (Wikipedia). Houthi activists accuse the government bureaucracy lack the proper expertise. The…Read more Civil War in Yemen


Was the government of Russia behind the 'infowar' staged during the US Election? Despite suspicions, only charges against private individuals and companies in Russia have been leveled, and not against the government of Russia. How the 'infowar' and hacking began... As a result of the incident US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on those…Read more US ELECTION RUSSIAN HACKERS