Environmental-Wing in Canada – HUSTLE4INFO

The second new party in Canada's Federal Election is the Environmental-Wing Green Party which seeks 60% reduction in emissions of carbon-green-house gases. Elizabeth May (Green Party of Canada) — Safety https://youtu.be/4qGbtCS8DTE The Green Party “soars” in the Polls: The Beaverton https://youtu.be/jF9vFYTKBGg Canada Election: Elizabeth May says Green candidate once wore blackface ... https://youtu.be/PeCHINs9pr0 Elizabeth May:…Read more Environmental-Wing in Canada – HUSTLE4INFO

Right-Wing in Canada – HUSTLE 4 INFO

One of the two new parties in Canada's Federal Election is the Right-Wing People's Party of Canada. The other being the deeply staunch Environmental-Wing Green Party. People's Party of Canada - A Common Sense Revolution https://youtu.be/VjALrcCQmas Maxime Bernier (People's Party of Canada) — Immigration https://youtu.be/OS5T7xa-PlY Canada Election: Former neo-Nazi, Pegida Canada official among People's ...…Read more Right-Wing in Canada – HUSTLE 4 INFO

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden — HUSTLE4INFO

After hearing Joe Biden speak in these series of videos this is my conclusion for the 2020 USA election. If Joe Biden wins the Presidential Race, I think....corporations will face more challenges abroad tit-for-tat with respecting America's identity. It is in business interest Trump to win, at the expense of foreign influence in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbOU2fTg6cI…Read more Presidential Candidate Joe Biden — HUSTLE4INFO