Trump for School Choice

Surprisingly, using the Hustle4Info approach, it turns out School Choice is a solution to address the additional problems facing parents at the lower levels, such as violence and low-income. For parents in the middle-class they choose schools indirectly such as moving to better school districts. Therefore, School Choice offers parents stuck in an under-performing school…Read more Trump for School Choice


Zombie movies have taken on a national significance as America focuses on bio-defense. The Omega Man Trailer How Should We Look at Biodefense? - Extended I Am Legend (2007) - Official Movie Trailer PhD in Biodefense: Student Experience Zombieland Official Trailer #1 Biodefense Tools to Fight Infectious Diseases Depend on…Read more BIO DEFENSE – HUSTLE 4 INFO

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden — HUSTLE4INFO

After hearing Joe Biden speak in these series of videos this is my conclusion for the 2020 USA election. If Joe Biden wins the Presidential Race, I think....corporations will face more challenges abroad tit-for-tat with respecting America's identity. It is in business interest Trump to win, at the expense of foreign influence in America.…Read more Presidential Candidate Joe Biden — HUSTLE4INFO

HUSTLE 4 INFO: Skills Gap in the Economy

The skills gap seems to affect some work more than others. As one manager says, there are more options to earning money today, and also that teenagers aren't working in jobs as they once did. The Fastest Growing Jobs Sector for Young Adults is Now Self-employment To be clear, self-employment strictly means if your…Read more HUSTLE 4 INFO: Skills Gap in the Economy

Hustle4Info | The Recent Charter School Boom is a Beast in Disguise

First off, lets get clear about the definition of a Charter School. The main problem with the recent boom in Charter Schools are few in number that there are, is 'some, some, some' (bad, good, ugly) but so new that parents are taking a gamble. Some charter schools are good because they have boosted…Read more Hustle4Info | The Recent Charter School Boom is a Beast in Disguise